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Taking the First Step...

Over the years, I have found that Pranic Healing has a dramatic impact on people’s lives. Just as potent is our sharing in conversation, the letting go, with deep dive intent,  which create the shifts, transformation and results my clients are seeking.
Because I have received tremendous expansion through my Personal Coach, I love to be able to share in your expansion with an invitation into a unique coaching experience. 

Self Love comes up time and again as one of the blocks many of us have been challenged with over the years and because of this I have felt to create an experience integrating, Energy Healing and ongoing Coaching support and guidance to dissolve any blocks or self sabotage. 

Healing isn’t about learning something new - it is about unlearning what we know and unravelling all old beliefs and thought forms we have created.

Learning to Love the Whole of you

Learning to love the Whole of you is to be uncompromising in your own skin. Energy will shift which may cause a disruption in your life, your loved ones and situations. All of these experiences are creating space for your transformation and expansion. When you wholeheartedly own and feel comfortable in who you are, doors will open for others to follow your lead.

You are ready to shine your light!
You are ready to step out of your comfort zone!
You are ready to evolve, discover & tap into your own soul & wisdom!
You are ready to create the whole of your reality!

Your Whole Commitments

 We do not enter into these programs lightly, let’s face it …. There are areas in our lives we need to see, own and love for them to be released and Learning to Love the Whole of You is centred around healing and opening ourselves the courage to allow and receive these challenges through a series of commitments.

Who is this program for?

I am excited and grateful to be sharing your journey to evolve, discover and tap into your own soul wisdom and intuition. Opening a deeper connection to yourself and a greater love. As you learn to love yourself from the inside out, your heart and light will attract more joyful and abundant experiences.

The answers are always inside, it is in learning and experiencing the courage to trust ourselves where we can share this expansion with others

"Just had a very transformational session with Sami Howard! I have been seeing Sami since September last year, and since then I have been overwhelmed with the help, support and the inner transformation that I've experienced in each and every meeting with her! I had endured an incredibly traumatic experience early last year, and the knock on affects were profound. I've experienced, OCD, PSTD to being so stressed and lost that I was un-able to move. Sami has help me to release all negative and trapped emotions, thought behaviours and patterns that I had experienced after that period of my life. If anyone is suffering from any sort of trauma, or negative beliefs about oneself and their ability to be the best they can be in this life, then I would highly recommend getting in tough with Sami.

She is a miracle worker and is so kind, warm and loving. Her energy is safe and comforting and you can't help but feel that you're incredibly cared for. I hope this message finds anyone who is looking for help!

Especially in the belief system area! Although the Corona Virus is incredibly tough and daunting, this is an amazing opportunity to do some inward work, some soul searching and to opening up to love!

Thanks again Sami for all your amazing work and efforts and for being a continual support system for many amazing human beings out there!
Energy Healing Feedback
Aimee Hardwick

What's included?

Over three months, Sami will compassionately hold you with love creating space for your growth and transformation. She will intuitively lead you to a deeper connection to who YOU are through guided meditations, breath work, forgiveness, visualisations, mantras, cord cutting, energy clearing and love.

In this sacred space you will learn to dissolve old thought forms, be free from those BS stories and self limiting beliefs, opening you up to experience more clarity and certainty in your next steps, less distractions with the little things allowing you to focus on the bigger picture, trusting yourself and feeling stronger and more grounded in who you are.

As your consciousness expands you will develop a deep resonance with your wisdom and energy. This activates an experience in life that is heart centred, abundant, joyous and loving.


I had the privilege of witnessing Sami working on others, and life long belief systems in thought, emotion and physiology where shifted - completely, effortlessly and joyfully. I believe that Sami is here to work with people who, by loving and trusting in themselves fully, are here to effect BIG change not only in themselves, but those around them."
Gisele Feedback Energy Healing
Gisele Gambi
Intutive Coach
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